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Complete Stair Installation and Repair

Annandale Floor Finishers provides complete stair installation and repair using quality material and guaranteed finish.

Stair Installation

See how we approach making your stairs the best from start to finish.

This is a view of the stairs before construction. We will remove the carpet.
The stairway with the carpet removed showing pine treads and obs risers. This is typical builder grade stairs.
The overhang of the nose ins marked for removal.
The existing pine nose is cut and removed.
A stair angle gauge is used to determine the intersecting angle of the stair tread and the skirting board.
The angle gauge is then placed on the tread and marked to get a exact fit. Note the padding that we use to protect the floor.
The tread is then cut to fit and installed using glue and fasteners.
The same process is used to fit the oak riser.
A view of the completed stairs along with a new rail system.