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Dustless Recoating

TyKote® Dustless Recoating System

The TyKote® Dustless Recoating System is the only true dust free recoat process. TyKote® is a sandless system; therefore it produces zero dust or residue.

TyKote® can be used on hand scraped flooring as well as most finishes including factory finishes, aluminum oxide, engineered wood floors and other urethane finished floors.

Step 1: Prep & Clean

IFT (Intensive Floor Treatment) provides unsurpassed cleaning in heavy soiled areas. Squeaky is then used to remove residue and prepare the floor. The genius of the system is in combining the chemical innovation Basic is known for with the compact Dirt Dragon™ floor cleaning machine.

Step 2: Bond

TyKote® is the revolutionary way to prepare wood floors for recoating. Its exclusive properties act as the bonding agent between the existing floor and the new topcoat.

Step 3: Finish

Basic Finishes such as StreetShoe® or Hydroline® Plus offer unmatched beauty and durability; although the TyKote System is flexible enough to be used with any Basic Coating waterbased urethane finish.

Dustless Recoating & Refinishing Information

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