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Dustless FAQs

Annandale Floors provides these Frequency Asked Questions so you know what to expect when we use the Dustless Refinishing process.

These questions and answers are provided to help you understand the process and equipment we use to recoat floors. If you have any additional questions, please call us at 703-256-2429 or use the Contact Us form.

Why should I recoat my floors instead of refinishing?

If you have a good base of finish on your floors and you still like the color you will be able to extend the life of your floors by deep cleaning and recoating. Recoating your floors cost at least half as much, takes a lot less time (usually one day) and there is no dust.

Can you remove our carpeting?

We will remove your carpeting, padding and tack strips. We can place the carpeting at the curb for your trash company to pick up or for a nominal charge we can haul it away.

What should I do before you come to clean my floors?

All furniture needs to be removed from the areas to be recoated. If you cannot remove the furniture, we offer this service at an additional charge. Pets need to be removed from the area.

What about the maintenance after my floors are cleaned and recoated?

We will provide furniture pads to place under the legs of your furniture. We also will give you a cleaning kit with instructions concerning the cleaning of your newly recoated floors. If you have any questions you can always call our office.

Can you install mouldings?

We can install shoemolding and thresholds a doorways to complete the job. All mouldings are stained and finished to match your floors as close as possible.

What about repairs?

We can replace any boards you wish…sand them…stain them and finish them to match your floors as close as possible for a nominal charge. This is usually done due to a pet stain or a deep gouge in the floor.

Are your finishes “Green”?

We use only finishes from Basic Coatings. More specifically we use only their top of the line finish called StreetShoe®. It is a low VOC, low odor formula that is U.S. Green Council LEED NC 2.2 compliant. It is unsurpassed in durability. Basic Coating finishes were waterbased before waterbased was “Green”.

Will your process remove all imperfections in the floor?

Our process is a cleaning and recoating system that will extend the life of the existing floor finish and restore the appearance of the floor. We do not use a sanding process! Although our cleaning can remove some surface scratches it does not remove deep gouges and it does not flatten the floor. Only sanding can do that. We do offer sanding services if that is the way you wish to proceed.

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