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Annandale Floor Finishers provides complete stair installation and repair using quality material and guaranteed finish.  Here are some of the projects we have completed.

Woodbridge Stairs

The rug has been removed and the stairs will be sanded to ensure glue adhesion.

White risers have been installed and painted. Walnut treads were installed and finished.

Fairfax Stairs

The handrails were dismantled to be sanded, stained and finished.

New oak treads and risers have been installed and finished. The handrails were finished to match the stairs. New black metal balusters with pattern of single knuckle, double knuckle and plain were installed. Three “S shaped” metal balusters for accent can be seen.

Vienna Stairs

The existing handrails needed to be disassembled because they were very loose from the previous installation using staples at the joints. Looking closely you can see the spaces between the joints of the handrail.

You can see our supports being used to put the handrails back in the proper position.

The existing handrail has been bolted together properly at the joints.

The existing handrail has been bolted together properly at the joints.

The completed stairs and handrails with new oak balusters.

Fairfax Stairs

The old existing metal handrail from the 1950’s has been removed.

The treads were notched so the new outside oak skirting can be marked using a stair marking gauge. The stair marking gauge can be seen on the third step.

The new oak skirting has been temporarily installed and is be marked by the gauge on the risers. This shows us where to cut the miter for the new skirting board to meet the new riser perfectly.

The first step has been installed and lined up perfectly with the wall and outside skirting board. Looking closely, you can see the newly mitered oak skirting board installed on the outside.

In this picture you can see how the new oak risers match perfectly at the outside corners with the new oak skirting board.

The new main oak Newel Post has been installed.

The completed project. New Newel Post, Oak Handrail and Round Black Balusters with Round Feet.

An up close picture of the outside miter and the round balusters.

Falls Church Stairs

This stairway consisted of four flights of stairs. The customer wanted all the stairs and floors refinished and new oak handrails installed with white balusters. A lot of angle cutting is required here.

You can see some new newel posts have been installed and the fitting of the handrail.

The new Newel Posts and Handrails have been installed on the main floor.

The completed floors and handrails. Great craftmanship.

Fairfax Stairs

Before we started the demo process. This project was to be Craftsman style stairs and flat handrails.

Starting the demo of the first four stairs.

New square nose white oak treads, white risers and “L Brackets” have been installed.

Completed stair installation. All of the stair parts were made in our shop.

This picture shows the flat white oak rail that we made and installed.

Another view of the completed stairs and handrails.

Ashburn Stairs

Before we demoed the stairs and handrails.

After we installed new treads, risers, handrails and white balusters.

Burke Stairs

Before and after we removed the old carpet.

After completing new floors, stairs and handrails.

Alexandria Stairs

Completed Craftsman style rail with white square balusters.

Lake Braddock Stairs

Demo of old stairs that were coming apart.

New stair treads and risers installed.